Ikta: A connected E-cigarette game to stop vaping

As our project for the CRI Labs Summer School, we are developing an application that is compatible with connected electronic cigarettes (electronic cigarettes that allow you to monitor your consumption). Unlike current connected electronic cigarettes that simply monitor user consumption, we are trying to gamify the quitting experience. The game will harvest data from the electronic cigarette that will then affect gameplay. Depending on the user’s performance, the rewards and the difficulty in the game will change. The game will reward progress while not directly punishing slip-ups.

In addition to an incentive-based system that encourages progress in the game, the player will interact closely with a character that will provide personalized advice and support to the player depending on the players responses.

We are aware that our method must tap into the player’s reward system in an intelligent way, and that we must avoid at all costs reinforcing the player’s addiction. We are therefore looking for experts in neurology or psychology that would be available to provide advice concerning this approach we are taking. We are also looking for advice about the dialogue that users will have with the game.

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