PreemieAlert: a connected wearable for preterm babies with insuffisant access to health care

Around the world, 1 baby out of 10 is born preterm. Out of those 15 million premature babies born annually, about two third are born in low-income countries like India. In 2012, the World Health Organization estimated that 3 out of 4 of those neonatal deaths could be avoided even without access to neonatal intensive care.

Our goal is to develop a device to support parents and local health workers taking care of preterm children in the vulnerable neonatal period. The device will be composed of two parts. A monitoring device and a companion device. The wearable monitoring device will determine essential data from different sensors such as temperature, heartbeat and oximetry. It will then relay the data to the companion device which will provide guidance to the parents. For example, if the temperature of the preemie is too low then the companion device will let the parent know that he/she must do the kangaroo care.

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  1. Impressive and inline with our vision too. And may have synergy to collaborate.

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