Sweet Spine : a video game to make you feel better

A major part of the people suffer from back pains : almost 80% according to studies ! Actually our spine is used more than 1500 times a day and most of the time people don’t realise how much this articulation is important util they experience pain or they are injured. Moreover, patients don’t practise at home exercice given by their physiotherapists.

Our project has two goals :

  • To encourage people to exercice on a regular basis
  • To help them with their rehabilitation process

To do so, we developed a video game in virtual reality with motion gaming. The entertaining part of the project is really important to us . Indeed, the more we enjoy an exercice the faster we learn and make progress. People will have to stand postures to solve challenges and enigma. While the game is played movements are registered to analyse the global performance. For this we use a device developed at the CRI, called a Movuino, that is able to track down every move thanks to motion sensors. Posture can be customised by a doctor and they can receive statistics about their patient’s progress.


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