Air pollution is a serious global challenge with damaging impacts for climate, the environment, and human health. It is also a major concern for the citizens of Paris.

By placing the AIRee device in the public space we aim to create a signalization for environmental awareness and raise consciousness on how air pollution affects us. Our device combines art and science and will enable people to « see » air pollution being displayed in a creative way.

The NeoPixel RGB LED circuit installed in the device displays the variation of the air pollution levels from 1 year ago until today on a range of colors going from red to green tones, each LED representing the air pollution average level of one week. Our protoype that displays a navigating boat on its surface, making a reference to the emblem of the City of Paris. This emblem of the City of Paris is a representation of the motto « Fluctuat nec mergitur » , meaning « Tossed by the waves but never sinks ».

AIRee tackles not only the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, but also the environmental improvement goals for the Olympic Games taking place in Paris in 2024.

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