Antibiotic game

ANTIBIOTIC GAME — Board game to teach people how to cure bacterial infections & to help med-school students remember specific combinations to cure infected patients.


As a med-school student or doctor, you have to memorize multiple combinations to cure infected patients. These combinations depend on several factors, such as the patient’s background, infected site, bacterial resistance, etc… Imagine having to memorize all of these combinations. Exactly : its difficult & boring.

What’s your solution?
Our solution was presented to us by our mentors, & improved by our team of students. Our mentors presented to us a card game with several rules, which we have gamified some more,  designed, and made an app to accompany the game & to train independently from the board game.

Now & then

Our game is currently a board/card game & an app to help the users play if they forget which bacteria infects which part of the body, for which patient; which antibiotic cures what, etc. The app is also a way to train independently from the board game (to memorize the different combinations)

We would like to make it available for a wider public, meaning that we’re trying to make 2 sets of cards : one for more trained, med-school students with extensions & developed rules; and a more fun & relaxed game for the wider public, to spread awareness on antibiotics and for people to have fun virtually infecting their friends. :p

Difficulties & struggles

One of the hardest issue we’ve had has been to gamify some parts of the original card game offered by our mentors (specifically the « diagnosis » part of the game) as these parts were precious to them, and hard to gamify. BUT WE’VE MADE IT! woop woop

Also, they asked for A LOT of rules, which is why we’ve separated « essential rules » — with which the game can be played independently — from « extensions & complications » — which add a bit of spice & difficulty to the game.

You can download the cards & rules here.

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