Open Connected Beehive

Welcome to project Connected Beehive, an open-source connected beehive meant to improve the daily lives of beekeepers as well as bees.

First of all, what is a connected beehive?

It is actually more of a connected sensor kit than a connected beehive. It is a device containing a scale and other sensors to be attached to a beehive in order to gather the most data possible about the hive. This includes the weight of the beehive, the outside/inside temperature or humidity, the number of bees going in and out of the hive, etc…

All of this data is then sent to a platform accessible to both beekeepers and researchers, allowing beekeepers to monitor their hives’ well being, and researchers to gather more data about bees.

Why is it needed?

Bee population has been decreasing a lot during the last decade, and scientists have been trying to find out the causes of this decline. Gathering data about bees in different places is the only way for researchers to find precise causes for this. Our team wants to connect beekeepers and researchers as much as we can, by creating this platform accessible to both, and maybe by citizens as well. All of our plans and access to the servers will be open-source and thereby accessible to everyone.

How does the device work?

The device is composed of the sensors (temperature, humidity, bee counter etc.), two LoRa feathers, and a wi-fi feather. First, the LoRa feather collects data from the sensors and sends data to the second LoRa feather. The LoRa feathers use « long range radio protocol » that allows us to connect these two devices over long distances.  After receiving the data, the receiver LoRa feather forwards it to the wi-fi module, which sends the data to the web server. Users can then easily check on their beehives from the web platform.


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